Liner Notes Vol. 1, Track 09 – Karen L. Cox

In this last official entry in the Liner Notes Vol. 1, I talk with historian Karen Cox. Check out her most recent book, No Common Ground: Confederate Monuments and the Ongoing Fight for Racial Justice, out now. In this episode, we talk about apps and strategies for organizing archival documents, how to balance the ebbContinue reading “Liner Notes Vol. 1, Track 09 – Karen L. Cox”

Reconstructing the Archives in Sound

Early this January I was writing up a section of my book project on college radio about Rice University’s KTRU in the 1980s. KTRU-FM’s records include both paper and sound: their online collection of on-air programming is one of the more extensive in college radio history. I visited the physical archives in June 2019, inContinue reading “Reconstructing the Archives in Sound”