Why the “Rye”? It’s a long story…

The Hidden Political History of Southern Naming Traditions I share a middle name with my grandfather and my uncle, James Rye Jewell, Sr., and James Rye Jewell, Jr., a retired commander of the U.S. Navy. My cousin Blythe, Jr.’s daughter, has my Dad’s middle name, so it was only fair that the name swapping traditionContinue reading “Why the “Rye”? It’s a long story…”

History as Therapy: Reconstructing the Boston Bombings

The last two weeks have been difficult ones here in Boston, from the immediate trauma and shock of the bombings, to false reports of arrests, to a manhunt and lockdown, and now to the re-opening of Boylston St. and the resolve of moving forward. As I look back, I realize that not only are myContinue reading “History as Therapy: Reconstructing the Boston Bombings”

Writing by Formula: Primary Source Analysis

It’s no secret that historical writing, or indeed structured analytical writing, can be formulaic. Sure, as historians we tell stories, and that is an important part of our relationship to the public, each other, and our students. But when it comes to teaching writing to undergraduates, it’s also no secret that imparting the skills ofContinue reading “Writing by Formula: Primary Source Analysis”